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Got a few more writings coming into myblog.when help is coming from my son Ville. I hope you villlike them - going from Planning and architecture to what  is determining it! Best JW

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blog 1 - Sowa Town (revised 16/04/2011)

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This airphoto is of Sowa Town in 2005 and from Google Earth - a marvellous tool for planners! The township is like a desert flower in bloom - a few petals out and a few more to come around the point where the modern kgotla with council chambers and Choppers, town park, clinic etc. A plan from 1991 coming true.
There is a good reason for me to start with the Sowa Town project - the town has looked like on the photo above (from Sept 2005) for 10 yrs. It stopped growing!
This is sad and as a planner I feel the need to explain that fact. By reasons completely unnecessary, it became a "camp" - a sleeping place for workers and not a complete town for families and children.

This sad situation can, however, be changed and my presentation now might have some effect. I'm nursing a hope for that and the presentation that you can click on a bit down might be useful for the longevity of Sowa Town and the many millions that it has cost to design and build.

Consequently, I find this a good and relevant start for my blog on planning and I have downloaded a brief history from the planning years and start of another new town in Botswana.

The document you can open is actually in to parts: History and Planning. Some repetitons are there in the Planning chapter and will be edited away by time. For the moment I have no time, hope you understand!

Click HERE to read more about History and Planning of Sowa Town.

-My latest articlels you find some for Boidus Focus, some for Mmegi and some for Inner city News. Have a nice reading and let me hear from you. A few more is coming in and I'm slowly mowing into the basics - that's economy. Basis for all we do, actually. Let's see when my helpful son have time to put it in and I'm asking him to do it according to the dates. Keep well all of you - there are close to 6000 readers now - I'm happy!

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